Facts about the RB Music and the Legendary Artist, Nita Baker

Nita Baker is one of the most popular artists of R&B music. She started her career in the late 1970s. Since then, she has featured in many classic shows, where she sold about five million copies. She released six albums during her thirty-year career. Her works and contributions in the music industry are long-lasting, impeccable. R&B fans can attend her final concerts by getting cheap tickets before they get snatched up by other people.

Nita Baker announced her exit from the industry in 2017 and then ended her farewell tour the following year. Many fans attended her farewell series to hear her great, iconic voice. You can learn more about my angel anita baker and her favourite songs by visiting this site. This type of music has greatly evolved, but it was initially associated with black musicians and artists. Most of these songs deal with themes of suffering and pain, the pursuit of happiness and freedom. They also deal with emotions.

Defining Features/Characteristics of R&B Music

  • It involves pentatonic scales
  • Presence of bass guitars
  • Distortion and or tube saturation on the guitars
  • Heaving besting of the bass drums, snakes and symbols

Other Essential Features of R&B and Other Great Songs

Energy is Build as The Song Progresses-Whether by using melodic range, instrumentation rhythmic intensity, tempo, and dynamics, the end of a song comes across with more energy than the beginning.
The Chord Progressions of a Song improves from Being Fragile to Strong-Fragile progressions are tonally meandering, or ambiguous but strong progressions clearly point to tonic chords or notes. Bridge and verse professions may be fragile, but most of the chorus progressions are strong and short.
Chorus Melodies Sit Higher in Pitch When Compared to Verse Melodies -This is attributed to the high amount of energy generated by the human voice in the upper range. People will always avoid generating more energy in choruses than the way they do in verses.
Good Songs Should Have Steady Harmonic Rhythms– harmonic rhythms refers to holding a person can play a specific chord before progressing to the next one. This pattern should be kept fairly steady. Preferably the chord should be changed after every 8 or 4 beats.
It Should Demonstrate a Strong Link between Melodic lyrics, chords, and Shape– Melodies are well-composed .written in such a way that they rise to a high point. This is the best way of highlighting something important in the lyric. A good song should show an important and clear link between all components.